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Transform your advocacy with powerful imagery and real life stories.


Observational documentary can reach audiences and engage people with the issues that matter to you, in ways that conventional campaign videos cannot. This can be a more indirect form of advocacy, exploring complex issues, causes and context rather than communicating messages.


Documentary video can also be used for gathering witness testimony or generating a visual evidence base of process and impacts, making video an ideal tool for monitoring and evaluation activities.


Video is an incredibly rich and flexible resource. Once material is recorded it can be re-used in many diffferent ways (pending ethical considerations!).

a film by Ben Crowe & Jan-Joseph Stok

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  • All five films are powerful messages, beautifully shot stories that make it even harder to be ignored and give us a strong basis for video-advocacy and awareness-raising. The videos will be used in a range of activities and directed to multiple audiences, from local communities in DR Congo to parliamentarians and governments in Europe, among others.
    Tina Lain - Transboundary Governance African Great Lakes Coordinator, IUCN-NL